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Event Planning

Review the planning tips and resources provided below to help you plan a successful event.

Event Planning Tips

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time can greatly increase the resources available to you. The longer you wait, the more limited your options may become.

Deciding on Location

Room capacity:  Be sure to have a clear idea of how many guests will be most likely be attending the event. Most rooms have a strict capacity limit.

Lighting:  Your venue may need special lighting features depending on your event type. Spaces may or may not be capable of supporting your lighting needs.

Parking:  Some venues may be more accommodating to your guests when it comes to parking. Know ahead of time if guests will have to pay for parking and how far they will have to walk from the parking area to the event.

Phone/Computer/Internet Access:  Knowing your needs for phone, computer and internet access can help in deciding which room to reserve and in determining the setup time needed before the event. Some rooms may or may not come equipped or be able to accommodate phone, computer, or internet access.

Market Your Event

Marketing your event by utilizing websites, publications, advertisements, bulletin boards, emails, or booths can increase the success of your event. Knowing your target audience and keeping them informed is good practice to increase the event’s awareness and attendance. Select the links provided to access some local publications that may be helpful in meeting your advertising needs.

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