Washington State University

Scheduling Office

Risk Management


Your organization will be responsible for any loss or damages to the CUB facility, furnishings, or equipment during your event.

Decorations & Signs

All decorations must be approved by and coordinated with express permission from the CUB.

Interruption or Termination of Event

CUB administration reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, or terminate any event in the interest of public safety, noncompliance with university policies, or if the event can be viewed as inappropriate or not consistent with the mission of the Student Union.

The Scheduling Office

Email: scheduling@wsu.edu
Phone: 335-9444

Academic Room Scheduling

Email: schedule@wsu.edu
Phone: 335-9507
Scheduling at WSU, PO Box 627204, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-7204, 509-335-9444, Contact Us